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Welcome to the ApexPE Server website! Here you will find links for everything Apex, including access to the store, where you can purchase in-game ranks and awesome perks, the forums, where you can ask any questions you may have, or just talk for fun, and check out any other cool things we have!

Vote link: coming soon

Twitter: @ApexPE_Factions

IP: play.ApexPE.xyz

Port: 19133

Want a server like Apex? Check out our awesome host @EvoHostin on Twitter or their website www.evolution-host.com!

Latest Features

Ban appeal

$2.99 USD

A get out of jail free card!

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Big CrateKeys pack

$3.99 USD

Are 3 CrateKeys not enough for you?

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30,000 in-game money!

$3.49 USD


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Master rank

$12.99 USD

Our premiere donator package!

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$2.99 USD

A pack of CrateKeys!

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Warrior rank

$5.99 USD

Our basic donator rank!

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Thanks for visiting our website, and we hope you enjoy our server. Huge thanks to our server host! Check them out if you want a server like ours at www.evolution-host.com. You can follow them at @EvoHostin on twitter.